Performance Measurement & Coaching

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. NEXERA’s Performance Measurement and Coaching brings structure and objectivity to employee performance analysis and development while enhancing communication from the top down.

Territory Creation & Management

Territories should be built on analytics, not just zip codes. Our territory management solution allows for the creation of accurate territories that leverage not only geography but employee strengths and equipment requirements. It also includes territory integrity reporting, so your territories stay effective and efficient at all times.

Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory Management (AIM), takes the guess work out of proper inventory levels. By stocking employees correctly you not only reduce the amount of inventory required but you also save manhours by reduce return visits because the proper parts were not available.

Technician Incentive Program

Everyone responds to incentives. This program is used to incent thousands of technicians around the world. By encouraging the right behaviors, your team will find opportunities you didn’t know existed, saving you time, money and improving the customers’ experience.

Imaging Device as a Service

NEXERA’s iDaaS Quote Builder allows dealers to furnish their customers with an all-inclusive monthly rate for printing devices that encompasses supplies, services, and parts.